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Why I do what I do

I used to work in a high-stress, low-paying line of work. I would come home every night exhausted, emotionally and mentally.  I did everything I knew to "take care of myself" with self-care, but somehow it still wasn't enough. I pushed myself to keep going even though something was gnawing at me inside, saying "There has to be a better way!" 

I used to think it was ME. Something must be wrong with me! Why am I so sensitive?! Everyone else seemed "fine." I remember meeting with one of my supervisors after I was experiencing symptoms of PTSD from my work and her words rung in my ears, "This is just the nature of the job."

Let's be honest, a toxic work-life has consequences. My relationships suffered, my mental health suffered, my creativity suffered. I was so far from "living my best life," it wasn't even on the radar.

I was living for the weekend. My job felt obligatory, lacking passion, as I dreaded going to work most days.

I felt overwhelmed. Anxious. Stuck. Even though I was a highly gifted, intuitive, wise women at my core, I was disconnected from myself. I looked outward for solutions, seeking help and validation. But the same advice I would hear, "Just give it more time. Hang in there." No, NO, NO!!!

In reality, what was need was a change. A BIG change. 

The change started with my mindset.

I refused to believe that work had to be draining, mundane, and self-sacrificing. I knew there was a better life on the other side, so I did whatever it took to make sure my work-life didn't ever suck my soul dry again. I devoted to a path of honoring my needs, healing my traumas and limiting beliefs, and moving towards a career path that is fulfilling and meaningful while not compromising my health.

If you are reading this, I want you to know: there is so much more waiting for you. More peace. More joy. More fulfillment. More passion. More purpose.

If you are reading this now, you know things could be better.

Society may be putting pressure on you to hustle, grind, push harder, but deep down, you know this isn't sustainable. The truth is: There is a way to work that is both fulfilling and meets your needs.

Don't let fear, procrastination, and self-doubt stop you from creating a work-life that serves you. Find the courage to follow your desires without compromising your sanity. You deserve a life of more balance and ease.

Testimonials and Happy Clients

5 out of 5 stars on Google & Facebook

Sophie Frank, social worker, eft practitioner

"I have been working with Elizabeth through EFT coaching for the past several months during a particularly challenging time in my life. I have come to eagerly look forward to my weekly meetings with Elizabeth with excitement, as I know I will leave our time together feeling grounded, hopeful, and renewed. She is thoughtful, thorough, and a creative problem solver. I always feel safe and very seen with Elizabeth, even while exploring topics related to shame and hurt. I can't recommend her services enough--her grounded, insightful approach to EFT is so valuable, and hard to come by."

Kaleigh, artist & nanny

"Elizabeth is absolutely fantastic! You can tell she truly cares about you and wants you to succeed. She is great at listening to you and then helping to extrapolate and makes sense of specific goals or blocks you want to work through. I've seen a lot of progress and shifts in my life since beginning to work with her. I would definitely suggest going to Elizabeth for EFT Coaching or any of her other services!"

Rainie Howard, author, relationship coach, entreprenuer

"Before working with Elizabeth, I struggled with finding the energy and fortitude to get clear on my goals and implement necessary tasks to grow my business. I have some resistant energy toward pursuing growth-driven activities. I decided to sign up for 1-on-1 coaching from Elizabeth. She is amazing at assisting clients with identifying subconscious emotional blocks the hinder achievement. This process has enhanced my confidence, clarity and insight. I worked with her for 6 weeks and we accomplished more than expected. The goals that I set with her were accomplished before the timeframe we set and I accomplish additional tasks in addition. As a result of working with Elizabeth, I've become more productive. I didn't expect to achieve so much in such a small amount of time and because of that, I hired Elizabeth for another 6 weeks. I definitely recommend her services, it's worth the investment."

Sara Whiteside, intuitive business coach & sports trainer

Elizabeth shows up with her full energy to every session. She has this amazing duality of being laid back yet no-nonsense, let's get business accomplished. Every EFT session with her has led me to new understanding and taking action.

Rochelle Schultz, yoga instructor, eft practitioner

“Elizabeth is a skillful EFT Tapping Coach, who provides a private and comfortable setting where I felt safe and confident to explore blocks that were holding me back. Her counseling background along with her discerning intuition and sensitive nature helped me shift significant areas in my business and personal relationships. Do you want positive change in your life? Elizabeth will help you get there!"

Ann Van Dyke, reiki master, eft practitioner, pastor

"Elizabeth helped me tap through an emotional trauma that I could not verbalize using distancing techniques. These techniques allowed me to release the overwhelming emotions and arrive at a place where I was able to talk about and release the trauma. She is an amazing EFT Practitioner. I highly recommend her."

Ways to Work with Me

Receive pure Universal Life Energy, Balancing your chakras To restore peace & calm

Cultivate the inner strength, courage, & confidence to make it through Your life transition 

Try "Courage to Evolve," "P.S. I Love Me," plus A Guided-Meditation Bundle for uplifting your energy

Hi there

My name is Elizabeth

I am an EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Energy Healer, and Courage Coach specializing in womxn's issues, I help those in their 20's & 30's dealing with stress and burnout in their jobs release overwhelm, fear, and resistance so that they can create a work-life that upholds their values, desires and needs.

I have helped many womxn address inner blocks when facing life challenges such as grief, breakups, body image, career changes, relocations, launching their creativity, starting a business, and making changes to their health. With years of experience as a Mental Health Counselor, Group Facilitator, Community Worker, Coach, and Practitioner, I bring experience, expertise, passion, and intuition into my work. I am confident I can help you move through your biggest challenges so that you can live in alignment with your authentic self, empowered towards your passion, and able to live a life of balance and fulfillment.

From my blog

Energy Exfoliation: What is 'Reiki' & How Does it Work?

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Tapping Into Resiliency

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The Willingness to Feel Better

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"I have had the privilege of observing the arc of Elizabeth's experience in her EFT training while serving as her teacher and mentor. I can without a doubt say that anyone who has the opportunity to work with her as a client is in the best of hands. She is skillful, safe and effective in her EFT skills as well as being an incredibly gentle and compassionate human being. Her dedication and commitment to her clients consistently shines brightly. I highly recommend her as a certified accredited EFT practitioner!"

Craig Weiner, DC, EFT Master Trainer

EFT tapping Training institute

As a graduate of our Certified Accredited EFT Practitioner training program and a participant in our Matrix Reimprinting training, I can say Lizz is a bright and caring practitioner who is dedicate to her work with clients. She continues to hone her skills and do her own personal work, which makes her an excellent and safe practitioner to work with. I believe Lizz's clients will benefit greatly from all she has to offer!"

Alina Frank, EFT Master Trainer

eft tapping training institute & eft relationship coach certification

free Guide

A free guide to "Your Chakras"

Learn how to manage your own energy at home with this 15 page brochure about the Chakras system. Included are tools and practices that can help you right away!


What is the investment to work with Elizabeth?

The cost for Energy Healing (Reiki) is $60 to $85 per session, Coaching Packages range from $100-175 per session depending on how many sessions you would like. For those who qualify, Elizabeth offers a sliding scale rate of $75 per session.

Is coaching like therapy?

The primary tool used in coaching with Elizabeth is EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), likened to "emotional accupressure," is a cognitive-somatic technique it helps you to process through stored emotional energy in the body. Though there are some similarities to therapy, EFT is a self-applied tool used to help support you to work through unpleasant thoughts or emotions and find  your own solutions. Coaching is goal oriented and seeks to address present and future related actions. Coaching is not about giving "advice" but helping the client access their own inner guidance and work together to find creative solutions. Coaching is not appropriate for those seeking to work through significant clinical issues such as mood disorders, PTSD, or substance dependence. If you are experiencing any of these issues, it is recommended to seek professional mental health treatment first, as opposed to coaching.

How do I know if it's a good fit?

It's important to work with the right practitioner for your specific issue and needs, whether it's with a coach, therapist, teacher, or mentor. If you have read through the content of this website and feel drawn to work with Elizabeth, book a free Consultation Call to see if it is a good fit, before moving forward.


Portland Avenue East,

Tacoma, WA 98445

Please reach out with any questions. Or book a free 30 minute Consultation Call.

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