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Tapping for Recovery:

Group Tapping for Addiction

HOSTED BY Elizabeth Jenkins, M.Ed

Sessions begin March 5th, 2022 @ 4 pm PST/7 pm EST

Join the tapping circle to learn how to use Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) in 8 one-hour weekly group tapping sessions for those recovering from addictions of all kinds.

Do you...

Struggle dealing with big emotions either by trying to stuff them down, ignore, or explode them all over others?
Find it hard to shut off your brain when it gets caught in a loop of re-living past experiences or worry about the future? 
Often feel guilty or are 'hard on yourself' for messing up or for feeling the way you feel? 
Still sometimes (or often) deal with cravings for your substance or behavior of choice? 

 Tapping for Recovery begins March 5th, 2022!

Would you rather...

Have a go-to, effective tool to help relieve difficult emotions in a simple and healthy way? 
Experience more empowerment when you are craving your substance/behavior of choice? 
Find peace from ruminating thoughts so that you can interrupt the negative thinking and move on?
Learn how to heal the regret and guilt from relapses or behavior caused by your past use?
Have more self-compassion and forgiveness towards yourself and others? 

 Tapping for Recovery begins March 5th, 2022!

Meet the Facilitator:

Elizabeth is a Group Facilitator, Courage Coach, and Energy Worker who provides EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) coaching, Matrix Reimprinting and Reiki energy healing to help her 1-on-1 clients. She also is passionate about service to those in Recovery and has felt led to share her knowledge in a brand-new Tapping for Recovery, group tapping circle.

As a person in long-term recovery, Elizabeth has spent years deep diving into her own personal healing, leading to transformation, courage, and authenticity. She has participated in Recovery communities such as 12 step, Refuge Recovery, and Recovery Dharma. She believes in the innate healing potential of all beings and also has found that many in recovery lack the practical tools to deal with the difficult emotions that are all-too common.

Elizabeth also draws on her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, incorporating concepts, tools, and skills into her facilitation.

Her approach is personable, honest, kind, and authentic, with a healthy dose of humor. She is passionate about helping those in recovery access their own truth, feel supported and seen, and be held a web of trust and safety through the community.

What is a 'Tapping Circle' and what is it for?

 For those in recovery, there can be a lot of difficult emotions to navigate. Not only in early recovery, but also in long term recovery, those coping with addictions may be overwhelmed with anxiety, regret, guilt, fear, cravings, grief, among others. Having effective tools to cope with and process difficult emotions can be pivotal to helping one navigate and ultimately thrive in Recovery.

Those in recovery may also be struggling with rumination about the past, focusing on what they did "wrong," reliving painful moments and experiencing deep shame and regret about how they behaved when in their addictions.

EFT (Tapping) has been shown to be effective in reducing cravings and improving distress such as anxiety and obsessive thoughts related to addictions.  EFT can also be used to release stored emotions from the past that keep resurfacing when one feels "triggered." In addition, the process of EFT (tapping) helps to instill a positive regard for one's own emotions and self, increasing self-compassion and self-acceptance.

This Recovery Tapping Circle was created to teach basic self-help EFT Tapping skills for managing cravings, difficult emotions, and relapse resiliency so that those in Recovery from addiction have easy access to this revolutionary tool for wellness and growth.

This 8-week Group Tapping experience is a closed-group; meaning a limited number of participants are selected and all attend weekly sessions for 8 weeks. This is not a drop-in group but an experiential group with each weekly session focusing on a particular skill or theme related to recovery through the use of group EFT Tapping:

Week 1: Intro to EFT (Tapping), Silent Tapping, and Cravings

Week 2: Physical Pain and Discomfort

Week 3: Environmental Triggers

Week 4: Emotional Triggers

Week 5: Repetitive Thoughts

Week 6: Grief & Loss

Week 7: Guilt & Regret

Week 8: Fear About the Future

Who is welcome in this 'Circle'?

This Circle is for those who are in recovery from addictions of all kinds. This group is open to all genders and gender-expressions, including those who identify as non-binary or trans. The group welcomes all races, identities, and cultures so long as you are not in opposition to the values of inclusion, respect, and safety. 

This is a safe space where we value the dignity and privacy of others. 

While not affiliated with any particular recovery program, this Circle honors that each person may also be a part of other recovery programs and traditions, and this Circle seeks to be a supplement or complement to your other Recovery resources. 

This Circle is designed to accommodate a small group of 8-10 participants, whom will be selected by the Facilitator based on a number of factors including:

-availability to attend

-willingness to participate

-ability to work in a group

-appropriateness for a Recovery Tapping Circle


For those interested in participating, an online application will be completed and submitted, followed by a Zoom Consultation with the Facilitator to see if it's a good fit. Once selected, all participants will complete a Group Participant Agreement form prior to the beginning of the 1st group session.

A waiting-list may be created to accommodate additional participants for future Recovery Tapping Circle sessions.

What is the cost to join?

There is no cost to participate at this time. This is an 8-week Beta test group and as participants for this tapping circle, you understand that this is a new curriculum and you may be asked for feedback and/or testimonial at the completion of the group. 

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