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Higher-Self Circle:

Connecting in Community to Access Our Innate Wisdom

HOSTED BY Elizabeth Jenkins

A safe, inclusive space to connect within

Join the community for 2 LIVE Monthly Group Events (or access the replay)! A 45 minute Group Reiki Healing every 2nd Sunday @ 5 pm (CST) and a 60 minute Sharing Circle every 4th Saturday @ 11 AM (CST). Plus access guided meditations, essays, poetry, art, and more!

Why You Need This Circle

You get mansplained and interrupted by every Joe Schmoe on the street and you're kinda over it, tbh
You never quite seem to make it through all of your onion layers; seriously, is this like Willy Wonka's Everlasting Gobstopper or something?!
You're going through a challenge that is scary or you WANT to do something scary: you don't need liquid courage, babe, we got you!
You're feeling lonely AF; "Please someone be my friend!"
Your energy is off; you are a tired, cranky bish who wants an upgrade
You buy yourself exactly 2 lattes per week, so you know you can afford to invest just a smidgen into a low-cost community on Patreon 

 Next Sharing Circle is Sept 25th 2021!

Meet the Facilitator:

Elizabeth is a group facilitator, Courage Coach, and Energy Worker who provides EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) coaching and Reiki energy healing to help womxn navigate life transitions with courage so that they thrive in change with confidence, clarity, and ease.

As a Courage Coach, Elizabeth has spent years deep diving into her own personal healing, leading to transformation, courage, and authenticity. As a spiritual being, she draws on intuition, energy, and rewiring the mind to help clients shift and heal in a profound way.

Elizabeth also draws on her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, incorporating concepts, tools, and skills into her facilitation and coaching.

Her approach is personable, honest, kind, and authentic, with a healthy dose of humor. She is passionate about helping womxn uncover their own truth, feel supported and seen, and be held a web of trust and safety through her community.

What is a 'Circle' and what is it for?

Women have been gathering in Circles since the beginning of time to share experiences, stories, thoughts, ideas and prayers. 

A Circle is a place to speak your truth without fear that someone will correct, comment upon, or judge what you are sharing. This is a monthly Circle for womxn to join together and experience a safe environment in which to grow. Each month features different self-inquiry prompts and practices to help facilitate a deeper understanding so that we become more aligned with our Higher-Self. With a mixture of group activities and sharing, the Circle offers a plethora of opportunity to deeply reflect and connect with yourself and community. This may involve sharing your personal experience, emotions, spirituality, and internal processes with the group.

Who is welcome in this 'Circle'?

This Circle is for those who identify as female. This group is also open to those who identify as non-binary or trans. The group welcomes all races, identities, and cultures so long as you are not in opposition to the values of inclusion, respect, and safety. 

This is a safe space where we value the dignity and privacy of others. 

While not affiliated with any particular spiritual path, we honor and accept all faith traditions while understanding that spirituality is a personal path and is meant to be explored and created by each person, not dictated through others, especially not through patriarchal or oppressive systems. 

What is the investment to join?

The recommended monthly Patreon contribution is $30 monthly. For those with limited financial means, there is the option for sliding-scale memberships for $15/monthly. You may cancel at any time if you decide the Circle and Patreon page no longer serves you. The Higher-Self Circle is a closed community, meaning only those who have joined as a Patreon member may attend the group events.

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