Elizabeth Jenkins provides EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) coaching and Reiki energy healing sessions to help womxn navigate life transitions so that they can live with courage, confidence, and authenticity, moving forward in life as their best selves.

As a Courage Coach and Energy Healer, Elizabeth has spent years deep diving into her own personal growth and transformation. As a spiritual being, she draws on intuition, energy, and rewiring the mind to help clients shift and heal in a profound way.

As a Certified Accredited EFT & Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, Elizabeth has undergone post-graduate training among the best EFT trainers in the country, completed in-depth training under the guidance and supervision of her mentor, Craig Weiner. Elizabeth is very skillful using EFT and Matrix to help her clients unlock and release stored emotional energy that may be keeping them achieving their goals.

As a certified Reiki practitioner, Elizabeth uses energy healing to help her clients experience deep relaxation and also remove energy blocks and imbalance that affect physical, emotional, and spiritual health. Her clients also benefit from intuitive insight and information she receives during the energy work.

As a former trained mental health practitioner/therapist, Elizabeth holds a Master's degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and has had years of experience helping clients with a variety and mental health and social concerns.


Her approach is personable, honest, kind, authentic, with a healthy dose of humor. She is passionate about helping folx break away from cycles of shame, self-doubt and self-criticism that lead to living small while also helping them break free from socialized patterns of over-giving and over-functioning.

Instead she helps womxn create and form lives that suit them, using their innate strengths and abilities, free from the shackles of socialized beliefs that don't serve them.

Doing the inner work necessary to love yourself can be challenging. Letting go of energy and wounds that do not serve us can be daunting.

After many years doing her own searching, training, and practice, Elizabeth has found the exact methods to help her clients move through and beyond their past and help step into their power in the now. Elizabeth Jenkins Coaching & Healing will be bridge for you to meet yourself in truth, expand, and create.

Elizabeth works with her clients to address their greatest fear, blocks, and traumas that may be standing in the way of true self-embodiment, fulfillment and empowerment in a variety of areas of life. Elizabeth is passionate about womxn's issues such as body image, self-esteem, healthy boundaries, work-life balance, substance use, grief, and religious trauma.

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