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Hi, I'm Elizabeth. I am a courage coach who helps womXn navigate life transitions, overcoming inner-blocks so they can live w/ more confidence, clarity, and ease

"Into your self see
As you open up the doors
heaven shines within"

I'm a Certified EFT & matrix Reimprinting Practitioner helping those undergoing or contemplating life transitions so that they can make aligned choices, heal their resistance, and create a more loving relationship w/ themselves

Are you struggling with a life transition? Are you stuck in fear, overwhelm, doubt, self-sabotage, or procrastination? 

Me too. I've been there. 100%. 

As a person who has experienced MANY life transitions, including recovering from injury, quitting harmful jobs, leaving my chosen career path, moving across the country (thrice), beginning (and ending) major relationships, starting (and closing) businesses, I have seen it all.

During each of those transitions, I often struggled. It was not easy. I felt isolated, terrified, overwhelmed. I would put off the change, procrastinating until I felt "sure" of my decision. I changed my mind frequently, went back and forth. Or I coped with numbing out or avoiding my discomfort.

And once I had moved forward with my decision, I stumbled, I second-guessed myself, and I experienced grief of all kinds in letting go of what my life used to be.

I'm not going to lie, this shit is HARD. It doesn't matter if the life change is your choice or someone else's, it brings up a lot of difficult emotions and situations.

Somehow, through all of these difficult life transitions, I not only survived, I became stronger, more resilient, and more confident. I took more and more risks, each with its own reward. I moved forward, determined to have the life I wanted, uncovering more of who I really was.

Do you want to know what I learned it takes to face major life changes? COURAGE.

In all honesty, the only way we ever leave behind what is familiar and stable is through tremendous acts of bravery. Whether you are already in the midst of a life change or contemplating making a life transition, no one should have to do that alone!

As a Courage Coach, I have devoted my work to helping womxn navigate their life transition so that they can be brave, live authentically, and experience a sense of purposefulness.

You deserve to be supported during this life transition. You deserve to be free to make the changes you wish, free from past conditioning and outdated beliefs.

You deserve to have space to go deeper within yourself, trust yourself, and live life on your own terms.

If you are ready to see this life change through, 1-on-1 coaching may be the perfect fit for you!

Bolster your bravery with revolutionary cognitive somatic energy techniques, helping you clear unwanted blocks, leading to more empowerment, reslience, and courage

Coaching with Elizabeth can help you...

Uncover and release your conditioned, limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck, small, and stressed out 
Work through any subconscious resistance you have to life changes, leaving behind cycles of self-sabotage and procrastination
Undergo a process of creating or strengthening the connection to your own intuition and learn how to influence your own subtle energy system by clearing your own energy blocks
Upgrade your sense of purpose, self-esteem, and learn to access your inner strength in times of difficulty

what you receive from 1-on-1 coaching

Experience support and accountability through your life transition via video EFT Coaching sessions with a skilled, certified practitioner, including wrap-around contact in between sessions so that your goals don't fall to the wayside and you actually achieve what you desire most 
Learn to access your inner wisdom with tailored EFT Coaching sessions to get the the core of what is keeping you from your goals, so that you can reach your goals faster and with less resistance
Receive the support you need to help you achieve your personal goals, instead of being stuck in a holding pattern of self-sabotage, procrastination, and fear
Gain free access to all additional resources (ie courses/programs) offered to the public by Elizabeth while you are enrolled in a coaching package 

What is EFT and how does it work?

EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) also referred to as "Tapping" are cognitive-somatic energy techniques using gentle, self-applied accupressure to relieve negative stored emotions from the body. This revolutionary tool has been found to be effective, gentle and safe (when used correctly by a certified EFT Practitioner) to address and relieve a variety of concerns, such as trauma and anxiety.
While first developed as a self-help tool, it became clear that working with a skilled practitioner can help you go deeper and get to the root of you problem often quicker and with much less effort than traditional forms of talk-therapy. In addition, using EFT to address significant events or memories provides the opportunity to actually release, rewire, and resolve the disturbance, which leads to greater clarity, emotional resilience, higher vibration energy, deeper awareness, and profound emotional and spiritual healing.
EFT is used in clinics, schools, hospitals, and in private practices across the globe. It is supported by bodies evidence, yet as a relatively newer, energy-based modal, it has not received the formal recognition as an 'evidenced-based practice' and therefore is not covered by health insurance at this time. As such, EFT sessions are self-pay. 


Release Emotions

  "Elizabeth helped me tap through an emotional trauma using distancing techniques.  This technique allowed me to release the overwhelming emotions and arrive at a place where I was able to talk about and release the trauma.  She is an amazing EFT Practitioner.  I highly recommend her."

Ann Van Dyke

Author, Reiki Master, and Retired Therapist

Accomplish Real Progress

"Lizz shows up with her full energy to every session. She has this amazing duality of being laid back yet no-nonsense, let's get business accomplished. Every EFT session with her has led me to new understanding and taking action."

Sara Whiteside

EFT Practitioner, Athletic & Beach Body Trainer, & Business Coach

Feel Safe & Supported

“Elizabeth is a skillful EFT Tapping Coach, who provides a private and comfortable setting where I felt safe and confident to explore blocks that were holding me back. Her counselling background along with her discerning intuition and sensitive nature helped me shift significant areas in my business and personal relationships. Do you want positive change in your life? Elizabeth will help you get there."

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Rochelle Schultz

Yoga Instructor and Photographer

Get the Results

"Before working with Elizabeth, I struggled with finding the energy and fortitude to get clear on my goals and implement necessary tasks to grow my business. I have some resistant energy toward pursuing growth-driven activities. I decided to sign up for 1-on-1 coaching from Elizabeth. She is amazing at assisting clients with identifying subconscious emotional blocks the hinder achievement. This process has enhanced my confidence, clarity and insight. I worked with her for 6 weeks and we accomplished more than expected. The goals that I set with her were accomplished before the timeframe we set and I accomplish additional tasks in addition. As a result of working with Elizabeth, I've become more productive. I didn't expect to achieve so much in such a small amount of time and because of that, I hired Elizabeth for another 6 weeks. I definitely recommend her services, it's worth the investment."

Rainie Howard

Author, Relationship Coach, Entrepreneur

Highly Recommended

"Elizabeth is an insightful and compassionate practitioner with a genuine approachable personality.  My EFT sessions with her were helpful in creating change in my life, I highly recommend EFT with Elizabeth!"

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Jennifer Lutker

Therapist and EFT Practitioner

Who this is for

Womxn and non-binary individuals 
Spiritual and self-awareness seekers
Those currently experiencing or contemplating a life transition including divorce/breakup, career/job change, grief/loss, sobriety, beginning a relationship or family, and more
Womxn who believe in self-empowerment
Those brave enough to be honest with themselves

Who this NOT ideal for

Those who don't value coaching & healing work 
Those unwilling or unable to accept responsibility for their happiness
Those currently struggling with serious mental health concerns or unaddressed significant addiction and/or trauma without also working with a licensed mental health provider

Coaching Packages and Fees

To work with Elizabeth 1-on-1, you will choose between one of the packages listed below

Sliding Scale Fees:

$75 per session

Sliding scale fees are designed for those who have financial need. These sessions are 60 minutes in length and are bundled in the same packages of 6 or 9 Sessions.


Putting Myself FIRST Package


Our most popular monthly package features the initial 45 minute Discovery Session plus 6 EFT Coaching Sessions. Each coaching session is up to 75 minutes and is tailor-made to help you make progress and achieve an important goal in your life. Text and email support between sessions is included. Sessions are complete virtually over Zoom, so you can attend from anywhere on the planet!

I'm All In On ME Package


A premium package that provides the best value,  including a 45 minute Discovery Session plus 9 EFT Coaching sessionsDesigned for those wishing to deep or ongoing work, each coaching session is up to 75 minutes. Text and email support between sessions is included. Sessions are complete virtually over Zoom, so you can attend from anywhere on the planet!

For those interested in reduced session fees (sliding scale), please reach out directly elizabeth@elizabethannejenkins.com if this applies to you.

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